Memes2015_0000_ALevel Ground is coming to Pasadena, California from February 26 to March 1, 2015. 

Check out the program here. The full schedule is coming on January 27. Please check back then! For now, it’s time to make your travel arrangements and let us know if you want to volunteer during the festival.




Level Ground fills an important niche in both the festival circuit and the wider national dialogue around faith, sexuality, and gender. By focusing on small-venue programming, offering intimate discussions and provocative panels featuring prominent leaders, writers, artists, and theologians, and hosting workshops and interactive events throughout the festival, Level Ground is becoming a national innovator in festival programming, art curation, and the LGBT dialogue.

“Level Ground demonstrates an unflinching engagement with expressions of culture that are wresting with faith, gender, and sexuality. And I respect that.”

-Dr. David Gushee